SoulFUEL Discovery®

Imagine knowing exactly what you are here to do and how to make money doing it.

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Does any of this sound familiar?


    • You feel stuck in your current job, or business. It doesn’t fulfill you, drains your energy or perhaps you're not making enough money (let alone more-than-enough).

    • You are feeling the need to pivot in your business or add a new income stream.

    • You're not sure exactly what you’re meant to do but know you’re meant for more (even if you have no idea what that might look like).


    • You often feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or exhausted.


    • You CRAVE freedom and flexibility with your schedule to do the things that are most important to you and you know that working online (or more online) is becoming an increasingly smarter thing to do.


    • You get sick, more often than you'd like because you aren’t able to consistently rest and restore your energy.


    • You don’t have the time or the money, to do things in life that bring you JOY and fulfillment.


    • You feel like you’ve settled for a mediocre life, and want more than that for yourself and your family.

    • You've tried to make a business work before and it hasn't worked out.



I have been there sister, and I’ve got your back!


You have a choice.


Take a step back to learn how to get out of the never-ending rat-race or, keep doing what you are doing (which probably means (with love), you'll be in the same place this time next year).


Now is your time to step up to who you're meant to be, reCLAIM your dreams...  reCLAIM YOU, make a change in your life, and a difference in the world.


Imagine a life that you don’t need a vacation from. Picture yourself waking up every morning with excitement to start your day.

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you are here to do. How amazing will it be when you make a gorgeous living, showing up every day unapologetically yourself.


But Wendy, yes I want all these things but I am really confused about the details and how I get there! 


I get it.


That’s why I created a proven formula to help YOU get crystal clear, focused and on the right track so this literally, is never a question again.


Imagine feeling the security of knowing there IS a way for you to make money doing what you love – a way that allows you to live FREE and LIT UP with total control over your schedule, projects, income and the locations you work from.


Imagine feeling clear and confident you are on the right path – doing work that IS your SoulFUEL®, providing you with a consistent flow of FUEL, money, ideal clients, confidence, clarity, motivation, and deep fulfillment.


Imagine knowing your SoulFUEL with absolute certainty, making the difference you are here to make and feeling the BLISS every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep.

... and having peace in your heart knowing you can make money on your own, without an employer, who is calling all the shots.


This is truly possible.

SoulFUEL Discovery is a process I originally created for myself and my friends to help us find our purpose AND learn how to make that into a gorgeous living that has a big impact in peoples lives.


This is a proven formula that allowed me to go from miserable corporate hostage to now, blissed-out entrepreneur working from all over the world making multiple six figures each year, doing the work I was born to do.


And in the last 7+ years, it has profoundly changed the lives of my clients too.

Ali's Story

“When I reached out to Wendy, I was spinning my wheels on starting my own business. Through SoulFUEL Discovery I learned how to focus my energy and thoughts and discovered what drives me and truly brings me joy.

I now have clarity and focus in my direction and am motivated to move forward with a more fulfilled life. I loved the playbooks. The video calls were very impactful for me too. I received all the support and collaboration I needed. Having a support system is so inspiring. I love the ladies I got to spend time with each week. SoulFUEL Discovery was a big success for me!” 

- Peggy Ortiz

“Wendy's SoulFUEL Discovery program is truly life changing!

She guides you step by step through the process to finding what really lights you up and how you can turn that into a business or career path so you can stop wasting time and live the successful and fulfilling life you were meant to live."

Melissa Hovey

“I got so much out of this course!

From the Facebook group, a sense of “being with my tribe”, a wonderful feeling of support and true connection to Wendy’s personal direction and clarity when I was confused about my niche and explained what I am passionate about – but didn’t feel qualified to specialize in. You NAILED how to market my passion in 10 seconds flat. I’ve been super excited about it ever since. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Look forward to working with you more!”

- Marcie Viezzoli


In this intimately-sized sisterhood of women, you will:

Discover Your SoulFUEL

Understand, uncover and KNOW your SoulFUEL. Learn how to make this a part-time or full-time business so you can become an unstoppable force for good in the world, while creating maximum freedom for yourself.

Get Crystal Clear On Why + Who + What

WHY you are here (your purpose > SoulFUEL)
WHO you are here for (your ideal client/customer or industry)
WHAT you can do for them; problems you are specifically qualified to solve right now, today - without ANY certifications

Get Clear On Your Vision + Desires

Get clear on what you want and release the self-imposed limitations so you are no longer spinning in confusion. Build your belief and courage to achieve it by being surrounded by like-minded people who are also determined to create a great life.

Claim Your Niche + Specialty

Get clear about what you can offer that will be VERY attractive to your potential clients, customers or audience. Learn how to monetize your existing skills, natural talents, passions and experiences. Master the art of overcoming the resistance, to choose.

Generate Ideas For Your Online Program or Course

Discover exactly what YOU are best equipped to do and how that might look as an online course or program (offline too). (Note: You are not actually creating your program. You are getting the marketing and business coaching to create an idea that is marketable and can attract your ideal clients.)

Get Confident

Grow your courage and confidence about what is possible for you as you step into your potential, and ease into greater visibility.

Uncover The Patterns That Hold You Back

Experience life-changing breakthroughs that will impact all areas of your life positively. Wendy knows exactly how to hone in on what is REALLY getting in your way and she'll help you break the patterns.

Accountability and Support

Receive the coaching and community support to stay on track so you don’t give up, flake on yourself or endlessly procrastinate. Be matched with an Accountability Buddy.

You can Go-At-Your-Own-Pace with 6-Month Access or choose the
Get-It-Done-Now Exclusive Private VIP Access For One Month, and get private coaching and all your questions answered every step of the way.
(VIP also has 6-Month Access Included.)

Lifetime access for everyone, when you download the videos and playbooks.

What else will I receive in SoulFUEL® Discovery Intensive?

(At Your Own Pace)

✔ (12) Step-By-Step PDF Modules to help you uncover your SoulFUEL® and learn how that can be unleashed though a business that attracts new clients


✔ (11) Pre-Recorded Video Trainings With Business, Marketing, Mindset and  Clarity Coach, Wendy Collier including Hot Seat Coaching with clients, to see exactly how to immediately apply the process in your business & life

✔ THREE BIG Bonuses worth $1,391 (yours for FREE) to help you with Messaging (Marketing Copy), Sales and get your questions answered through a Live Group Q&A 

✔ Option for a VIP Upgrade To Get Private Coaching every step of the way: "Exclusive Private VIP Access For One Month"

✔ LIFETIME access when you download the video recordings and PDF files.



Bonus #1!
LIVE Group Q&A Call In September, 2020
(Value: $297)

Hop on live with Wendy and others to get all your questions answered about the modules you've completed to-date.



Messaging Bootcamp: Pre-Recorded Video Training With Wendy Collier + Step-By-Step Playbook
(Value: $497)

Having a hard time confidently articulating what you do? How you say and write about what you do is everything when it comes to moving people from inspired or interested, to actually buying from you. You will learn the essentials of effective, authentic marketing copy, in this high impact training.

You will also learn a LOT from 
Wendy's hot seat coaching and Q&A with clientsto see exactly how you too can apply the principles to your niche.

"You NAILED how to market my passion in 10 seconds flat." - Marcie Viezzoli



Enrollment/Sales Training: Pre-Recorded Video Training With Wendy Collier +
Step-By-Step Playbook
(Value: $597)

Enroll just ONE client using the love-based enrollment conversation I teach and this bonus alone could MORE than pay for the entire course. Apply it consistently and there's no counting what your financial return-on-investment could be. 

You will also learn a LOT from Wendy's hot seat coaching and Q&A with clients, to see exactly how you too can apply the principles to your business.

“When I first spoke with Wendy, I needed clarity in my work. Her program really connected me to my foundation and exposed what I’m meant for. I also increased my pricing, honed my program, got better at sales calls, and developed my marketing strategy!”
– Veronica Kirin

Total Value of Bonuses: $1,391 but FREE for you Love Bug.

SoulFUEL Discovery Is Right For You If:

  • You don’t know what you would do instead of your current job or business niche but know something needs to change.

  • You aren’t clear about who your client, customer, audience or industry is, or could be OR you want to pivot into a new arena.

  • You are confused or unclear in any way about what you’re meant to do, and what would FIRE YOU UP!

  • You want to create a new online income stream.

  • You aren’t sure which of your passions or interests would make a fantastic profession for you. You might have a lot of ideas but don't know which one to run with, or you may have lost touch with what it is you really want.

  • You are doing work that doesn’t LIGHT you up and FUEL you every day, giving you the freedom, flexibility and personal expression your heart wants, firing up your passions and FEEDING your soul (which is how you CAN feel every day!)

    This could mean you are in a job that is draining you or a business that is doing the same. Either way, you feel ‘off’, misaligned and not yourself.

  • You need business and/or marketing coaching from someone who has loads of online experience but aren’t ready to invest at a higher level or make a longer term commitment just yet.

  • You are a little scared but ALSO excited. That is the holy grail of signs pointing you in the right direction. It means deep within, you are ready for a change. That intuitive nudge is telling you this is very likely your next step.


You can keep things as they are or take a chance and try something
that's been proven to work.

You'll never feel ready love bug.

I truly believe if you are on this page,
now is your time. If not, when will be? 

Case Study: Laura Kennedy - From Non-Profit Employee To SoulFUEL'd® CEO Making 6-Figures (hit her goal shortly after this recording). Laura's first step was SoulFUEL® Discovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand you may be worried about the cost. In the past, I made financial commitments like this and was freaked out too but may I ask…

How much is it costing you NOT to figure this out?
How much money could you have made last year doing work you love, had you taken this then?

What do you feel it is costing you to live in your current situation? Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and in the end, financially too.

I invite you to consider where you would be today had you started one year ago.

How much money could you have already made through getting the right help had you started last year? (Like my client Susan who got clear through SoulFUEL Discovery, launched her very first online program and made almost $10,000 cash in ONE day or another client, Laura (also a SoulFUEL Discovery client) who made almost $44,000 her very first year in business or another client Cameron who scaled from $100,000 to $300,000 in just one year – all doing their Soul-Fueled work.)

I am including a BONUS Enrollment/Sales Training. This is the process I teach my year long clients to enroll clients into their low and high end programs. Apply this training, enroll just one client and you could easily get back your investment in this course (and then some!).  

Let’s make sure THIS year is not another year you
AREN'T making money doing what you are meant to.

This is an investment in YOU, and your freedom.

You also have two great options to choose from depending on what you can invest at this time.

AND this is very likely a legitimate tax-deductible business expense for you. Check with your tax accountant about business training and education costs.

Excellent question! That is exactly why I designed this experience to fit your busy bee ways.

  • This particular intensive has an option to go-at-your-own-pace. You will have access to the member area for a full 6 months, to go at your leisure.
  • Lifetime access to all materials, classes and recordings when you download them.

    I launched my business while; working a head-spinning-no-time-to-breath-let-alone-launch-a-business full time job, mentoring a teenager, caring for family, nurturing my relationship, dealing with a health issue, moving multiple times, and all the rest.

I get it.

We are all really busy and most who join, have full time jobs and other responsibilities.

This is THE best time to hire a coach. If you invest in the VIP Upgrade, I will also privately teach you how to stop the madness and channel your energy into what you want to create, for your future and your families future. NOW, in our current world circumstances, is THE best time to do this.

I show you how to prioritize what is most important to you so you shift out of living reactive and never catching your breath into a more abundance, proactive way of living.

I teach you practical steps you can take immediately to empower yourself to make better decisions about your time, schedule and priorities.

There are better ways to live and BE other than just doing a constant succession of tasks that aren’t fueling, fulfilling or moving you forward in a more positive direction – only to go to sleep and do it all over again.

All of that can change right now..

A few questions to ask yourself:

How important is this to you?

Is it time to prioritize you and your future?

What if you could REALLY do this – make money doing what you love?

We are talking about your LIFE.

If you were to give yourself the gift of this support:

Who could you be?

What could you have?

What could you do?

That’s what we are talking about here.

It’s real, it’s true and it’s yours for the taking.

And it CAN happen for YOU – even if you don’t feel talented enough, smart enough, ready enough, whatever enough. Begin anyway.

Truly, no one feels they are good enough especially when they first start out but all you need to begin is the courage to take one small, first step.

That’s cool. There is zero need or expectation to commit to launching your business at all, or within any specific time frame. This course is about helping you get clear and fully aligned to what you are meant to do. Once you know what that is at the end of our time together, you are free to do it, not do it, wait a month, wait 20 years - whatever you choose. You are always at choice.

That’s exactly the reason you want to join us. I specialize in helping women get clear. By the end of this course, you will know your SoulFUEL and have ideas about how that can be a viable side gig or full time business (when you fully participate and commit to doing the work). Imagine having this settled once and for all.

I get it! I have to. First I’d ask, have you taken one specifically designed to help you know your purpose (your SoulFUEL®) AND create a business concept you can run with, to make money doing it? That’s what this is and it’s something I’ve specialized in for about 15 years now.

Also, should you choose the Exclusive VIP Access  Upgrade, you will receive Private, Personalized Coaching from me which is almost never offered with courses like this. 

“Before I took the SoulFuel Discovery course, I followed many women who were doing the work they love, being in service to help others and supporting their financial needs.

I never thought I had a “breakthrough event” or any type of synchronistic skills to offer others. The immense detail of the SoulFuel Discovery course was wonderful and helped me to connect with my life story and my SoulFUEL! I am excited about the possibility to create a business doing the work I love and being in service to others. Wendy Collier has done a superb job of guiding us through the process and she is completely engaged with us, encouraging us to shine our light brightly!”

Laurel Valli

"Wendy is a powerful and inspiring force for SoulFUEL success, practical positivity and fierce femininity.

She is able to quickly transform confusion into clarity with lazer-sharp skills that she has tailored for use in a soul-fueled business, but that go much further and deeper. She helped me hone in on what is most important to me in life, work, relationships and more – so that I can use my findings as I journey through the possibilities that arise for me and also in focusing my creativity in a way that will help me stay aligned and feel fulfilled.

I am only scratching the surface of the benefit that came from my working with Wendy. At a time when my life was transforming faster than I could always keep up with – she helped me stay anchored to my higher truth and introduced me to people and philosophies that continue to support me now. I look forward to utilizing my findings further. SoulFUEL Discovery has given me a deeper level of confidence in my decision-making – very grateful! Thank you Wendy!”

Katie Fabel


“Very grateful for this journey! For many years I have carried the question ‘why am I here, how can i make a difference?’ My goal for this course was to find my SoulFUEL and it happened, beyond thankful for Wendy and her SoulFUEL. I am so thankful you come from a space of love and that you encourage us to do the same (awesomeness!) – serving and loving others in and through our business as our ultimate goal feels so much better.

I have tried many different approaches and trainings and now I realize that my soul has been speaking to me all these years and my purpose is MUCH clearer. I have learned to listen to my soul, it carries much wisdom and it comes from a space of love. Thank You Wendy! Much love and respect!”

- Michelle Hill

Please, don’t live another day in a life that isn't everything you want it to be.

This is a big step you can take in the right direction.

... And remember, if you here on this page, you are a healer, light worker, mentor, guide, teacher, and you have been specifically prepared to step up right now, to be part of the solution and shift our world.

Your clients - your tribe - need what you have to offer now more than ever,
and you need it too my friend

What is it costing you not to know what you meant to do and how to move forward, on your own terms? 

What is it costing you to put it off? 

What are you missing out on by staying where you are?


"Wendy’s process helped me to uncover my WHAT, that what that truly lights me up, makes me come alive at my fullest potential to be able to serve my people at my highest vibration."

“I was circling and circling around that until I went through Wendy’s SoulFUEL process. She helped me get clear on my WHY which motivates me and pushes forward in joyful effort. I created a heart-centered business touching the lives of amazing individuals and vice versa. Every client session makes my heart expand and I come alive that much more. Having clarity alone moved me forward tenfold! Put on top of that Wendy’s programmatic approach (so necessary for me) and her loving but firm guidance got me to launch my business!”

- Genna Mori

“I have felt driven and motivated throughout my life, but it wasn't until I discovered and put into words my SoulFUEL that I found the thing that would unceasingly source me, unceasingly motivate me, so that I could share with the world what I came here to share. My SoulFUEL declaration is the armature I'm using to build my entrepreneurial business. Thank you, Wendy."

- Cammy Williams


“This program has been life changing in the best possible ways.

The tools provided by Wendy enable us to create the lives we desire. With the unwavering support of Wendy and the other fantastic women, anything is possible.”

- Lisa Mead Horninger

Meet Your Coach, Wendy Collier. 

Wendy Collier coaches ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-the-making, to live free from the inside, out.

She mentors her clients and community, on how to win the inner and outer game to design a successful business that IS their SoulFUEL® so they may always live from a space of light, love and maximum freedom.


She shows women how to; find the guts, grow their smarts and build their confidence to profit from their passion and make a difference.

Wendy believes the human spirit never rests until it has found a home where it can be fully and authentically expressed. She is committed to equipping women to make money online through their Calling by teaching the marketing, business and mindset strategies so often missing from their plan.

She applies her Psychology & Communications Degree, Franklin Covey Leadership Coaching Certification, Advanced ICF Coaching Training at CoachVille, 21 years of marketing experience at Fortune 500 and Forbes Top 100 companies and tremendous life experience, to help women create limitless options for themselves while making a difference.

Wendy is now running a thriving coaching business that empowers women to make money doing what they love while transforming their lives, and the world around them. When not on her laptop working from all corners of the world, you will find Wendy hiking the mountains, basking at the ocean, adventuring and exploring, watching live music, and laughing with those she loves. 

“I now have a focused desire to connect with who I am and where I am going. I am jazzed about the future instead of wallowing in confusion. I feel deeply supported by Wendy. Her insight and ability to super-charge and inspire her followers is remarkable.

It is hard to put into words but SoulFUEL is profound on so many levels. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us, truly a gift! I am really fired up. I feel freer because I have focus.

It is such a relief to finally use my life experience to Fuel something positive. I knew in my heart I needed to do something but spun around in circles for years trying to figure it out on my own. Thank you Wendy for making it happen!”

– Sue Parker

“When I first came to Wendy, I was confused about what I wanted and needed next as far as guidance and support in creating my business. I felt very stuck in what I was doing, with no real passion for it and I didn’t want to blindly jump into another program with a coach whose program wasn’t feeling like a good fit for me.

Wendy helped me identify the foundational piece I had been missing – the vital, core passion that must support the strategy and actions needed to create and run a successful business. I started my first business because it seemed like that’s what I should do.

Wendy was integral in helping me identify the deep, soul-level purpose that drives my passion to support moms and children. She walked me through her process of uncovering that SoulFUEL, that deep, intangible source from which I can forever draw to build the business and life I can and will have.

I experienced HUGE internal transformations from my time with Wendy. I uncovered fears that had been stopping me from making myself visible in the online space. I learned to steer any unsupportive thoughts and emotions instead of allowing them to drive me into procrastination and perfectionism.

Wendy met me exactly where I was with each and every call. She supported ALL parts of me, not just the business mindset/strategy piece. She nurtures the WHOLE person and that’s what supports us in becoming successful in life and business – to nourish, nurture and heal all the aspects of who we are.

My biggest fear was being seen online. Putting my face out there for all the world to see and potentially criticize. Wendy helped keep me focused on all the moms I would help by sharing my gifts with them. Wendy has such a gift of helping women draw out their gifts and shine.”

– Sabrina Marasovich

“Having been aware of this nagging little voice inside of me for a long time, saying that I must have something more to offer, but not knowing exactly how to deal with this or to find the correct door to open, I was so glad to find Wendy and her program.

It helped me to finally find my SoulFUEL and now I have a clearer path to follow. Wendy’s approach felt really genuine to me. I highly recommend her SoulFUEL Discovery program for those trying to find their purpose. I am so happy I have given myself permission to work even more with Wendy and I am beyond excited for the year ahead!”
– Joyce Van Der Lely

Have questions? Feel free to email us at: [email protected], or call: 
(408) 634-3610. We are here to help :).

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