Discover Your SoulFUEL¬ģ¬†
Walk away knowing exactly what you're meant to do next & in which niche + specialty so you make money fulfilling your spiritual calling or, 
your money back. 

Explore Investment Options

TWO 1x1 Private Coaching Call Bonus Ends In









To do what you were born to do.

To be THE fullest expression of who you are and LIVE fully aligned to your Core Values.
To find the place where your heart and soul
feel completely at home.

Can you relate to any of these experiences?


    • You want full alignment and clarity on the full integration of your SoulFUEL¬ģ into your business whether you are just starting out, growing, scaling or pivoting.

    • You feel the¬†nudge¬†to pivot your business or add a new income stream or offer that is THE fullest expression of who you are and what you are here to do.

    • You feel stuck in your current job, or business. It doesn‚Äôt fulfill you, drains your energy or¬†maybe you're not making enough money or experiencing abundance consistently.

    • You've¬†been trying to make your business work but just aren't attracting enough of the RIGHT clients (or any at all!)¬†

    • You¬†are doubting what you‚Äôre meant to do but know¬†deep down¬†you are meant¬†to make a bigger difference¬†
      (even if you are unsure what that might look like).


    • You are ready to¬†release the¬†identity of¬†confused and¬†claim CLARITY.


    • You CRAVE freedom and flexibility with your schedule to do the things that are most important to you and you know that working online (or more online) is¬†becoming an increasingly¬†smarter thing to do and you want to¬†protect yourself from economic downturns or global instability.¬†


    • You¬†want to feel a consistent flow of good¬†energy in your
      day-to-day life - physical and emotional.


    • You¬†are ready to CLAIM more¬†time¬†and¬†more money, to do things in life that bring you¬†JOY and fulfillment.


    • You are done sitting on the sidelines and¬†are ready to¬†go ALL IN on¬†your dreams¬†and be FULLY expressed as a human BEING. #noregrets


I have been there sister, and I’ve got your back! All these experiences are simply symptoms you're not in FULL alignment with the work you are doing or how you are doing it and SoulFUEL Discovery IS the answer.


You are always at choice.


You can keep doing what you are doing (no judgement) and may I ask...

Can you keep going this way? Is it sustainable for you? When you play it out 6 months or 1 year from now, what does that look and feel like for you?

What would it feel like to work with a highly seasoned coach who has a LOT of success stories (and even become my next case study!) and have access to an AMAZING community who will do nothing but cheer you on to SHINE.


And get customized feedback and solutions for YOUR strengths and goals. Not to mention highly Intuitive Coaching that guides you to your next personal breakthrough.


Imagine what it would feel like to step UP to who you are meant to be, reCLAIM your dreams... reCLAIM YOU, make a change in your life, and a difference in the world all while feeling RELAXED every step of the way because you have a community and a coach who has your back.


Imagine a life you don’t need a vacation from. What if you could wake up every morning authentically excited to start your day!

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you are meant to do. How amazing will it be when you make a gorgeous living, showing up every day being unapologetically yourself.


But Wendy, yes I want all these things but I am really confused about the details and HOW I get there! 


I get it. I've been there.


That is exactly why I created a proven formula to help YOU get crystal clear, focused and on the RIGHT track so this literally, is never a question again.


Imagine feeling the security of knowing there IS a way for you to make money doing what you love ‚Äď a way that allows you to live FREE and LIT UP with total control over your schedule, projects, the people you work with, your income and the locations you work from.


Imagine feeling clear and confident you are on the right path ‚Äď doing work that IS your SoulFUEL¬ģ, providing you with a consistent¬†flow of FUEL, money*,¬†soulmate clients, confidence, clarity, motivation, and¬†deep fulfillment.


Imagine knowing your SoulFUEL¬ģ with absolute certainty, making the difference you are here to make and feeling the BLISS every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep.

... and having peace in your heart knowing you can generate income* on your own, without an employer who calls the shots, if that's what you want.


I promise, this is possible for you.

SoulFUEL¬ģ Discovery is a time-tested process I originally created for myself and my friends to help us find our purpose AND¬†translate that into¬†our professions¬†so we could¬†make a bigger impact in peoples lives.


This is a proven formula that allowed me to go from miserable corporate hostage to now, blissed-out entrepreneur working from all over the world making multiple six figures a year, doing what I was born to do.

Most importantly is the fact that I am able to make a meaningful impact for someone like you, and I cannot tell you how much that lights up my heart.


And in the last 11 years, SoulFUEL Discovery has profoundly changed the lives of my clients too.

In this Experience with an intimately-sized sisterhood of women, you will:

Discover Your SoulFUEL¬ģ (what YOU are truly meant to do)

Understand, uncover and KNOW your SoulFUEL. Then learn what it would look like to integrate THAT into your part-time or full-time business so you can become an unstoppable force for good in the world, while creating maximum freedom and fulfillment for yourself.

Get Crystal Clear On Why + Who + What

WHY you are here (your purpose > SoulFUEL)
WHO you are here for (your soulmate client/customer or industry)
WHAT you can do for them; problems you are specifically qualified to solve right now, today - without ANY additional certifications (or any at all).

Get Clear On Your Vision + Desires

Get clear on what you want and release the fear, doubt and worry so you are no longer spinning in confusion. Build your belief and courage to achieve it by being surrounded by like-minded kindred spirits who are also determined to create a great life.

Claim 'Your' Most Monetizable Niche + Specialty & Attract a LOT More Clients

Get clear about what you can offer that will be VERY attractive to your potential clients, customers or audience. Learn how to monetize your existing skills, natural talents, passions and experiences. Master the art of overcoming the resistance, to choose a direction.

Generate Business Ideas That Align With Exactly Who You Are

Discover exactly what YOU are best suited to do and how that might look in your existing business, a new business or in an online course, program or offer (offline too). Get the Marketing and Business Coaching to create ideas that are marketable and can attract your ideal clients/customers from someone who will KEEP IT REAL with you. You choose whether to execute on those ideas or not, and when. If you do, we have longer-term spaces you can enter into after SoulFUEL Discovery. 

Get Waaaay More Confident

Grow your confidence about what is possible for you as you rise into your leadership, and ease into greater visibility. Stretch into areas you never thought you'd have the courage to consider. 

Uncover The Patterns That Hold You Back

Experience life-changing breakthroughs that will impact all areas of your life positively. Wendy is highly intuitive and knows exactly how to hone in on what is REALLY getting in your way. She will help you break patterns, for good.

Accountability and Support

Receive LIVE and pre-recorded Coaching to stay on track, learn the ropes, and be consistently infused with inspiration by someone who believes in you. Experience being in a community of like-minded, ON FIRE women who will also cheer you on and have the option to be matched with an Accountability Buddy.  

What else do I get in SoulFUEL Discovery¬ģ?

‚úĒ 3 Months of Access to the LIVE Monthly¬†Group Coaching & Q&A Calls, with SoulFUEL¬ģ Business, Marketing & Mindset Coach & Client Attraction Strategist, Wendy Collier, to¬†learn¬†exactly how to immediately apply the Discovery process¬†to your business (whether starting or scaling)

VALUE: $1,000

‚úĒ¬†6 Months of Access to the SoulFUEL¬ģ Discovery Trainings and Downloads

VALUE: $500

‚úĒ (13) Powerful Bite Size Step-By-Step¬†Trainings¬†to help you uncover your SoulFUEL¬ģ and know how to position that in your business¬†to¬†consistently attract clients and customers.¬†

VALUE: $3,000

‚úĒ¬†Pre-recorded Coaching and Q&A Calls to¬†see how others have used¬†the process in¬†their lives and businesses.

VALUE: $1,000


‚úĒ 3 Months¬†Access to the Private Community Experience for ongoing drop-in coaching and motivational bites between coaching calls

VALUE: $500

‚úĒ¬†BONUS Messaging Bootcamp + Step-By-Step Playbook (to¬†create marketing copy that converts to clients): Pre-Recorded¬†

VALUE: $1,500

‚úĒ¬†BONUS¬†Enrollment/Sales Training: Pre-Recorded¬†+ Step-By-Step Playbook

VALUE: $2,500


‚úĒ Option to be intuitively matched with an Accountability Buddy

‚úĒ Option for a VIP Upgrade To Get Private Coaching every step of the way
(Limited to 3 people at a time)

‚úĒ LIFETIME access when you download the video recordings and PDF files.

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000
But you only invest a small fraction of this.

Hear what¬†SoulFUEL¬ģ Discovery¬†has done for¬†my clients.
Really, they say it best.

Ali's Story

"I wasn't sure where to go and had never had a coach before. I knew I had skills but didn't know how to pull them together or apply them. I was missing the bigger picture.

Enter Wendy. She has tons of experience and what I like most about her is she's the real deal. Not only does she have the experience but she also has an incredible amount of intuition and empathy and has a really great way of working with you throughout the process. She asks thought-provoking questions that are crafted and designed to really get the best out of you and draw out of your own unique gifts and experiences.
I've uncovered things about myself that I didn't know were there. There were things I dismissed or discounted or didn't think applied. Wendy has a unique way of pulling things out of you to 
make your business and offers 100% unique. 

I didn't even know the ways I could take my own talents and abilities and put them into something that could help others.

The nice thing about Wendy is she puts you in an upward spiral. The more good you do for others, the more positive outcomes you have and then more breakthroughs happen, and that brings in even more.

It's a very abundant way of uncovering your unique talents.

I can't say enough how grateful I am that I've met Wendy. It's a really wonderful experience and I couldn't be happier. The clarity I've gained has been immense. I don't know how she does it.
She's kind of a ninja.

She has a very special way of doing all this while also holding you accountable. Even though you are working with her, it's you. This is all coming from you. You are taking the steps, you are being empowered, you are learning so much and you are taking actionable steps to create your own reality."
-Alessandra Macaluso

“When I reached out to Wendy, I was spinning my wheels on starting my own business. Through SoulFUEL Discovery I learned how to focus my energy and thoughts and discovered what drives me and truly brings me joy.

I now have clarity and focus in my direction and am motivated to move forward with a more fulfilled life. I loved the playbooks. The video calls were very impactful for me too. I received all the support and collaboration I needed. Having a support system is so inspiring. I love the ladies I got to spend time with each week. SoulFUEL Discovery was a big success for me!” 

- Peggy Ortiz


“Wendy's SoulFUEL Discovery program is truly life changing!

She guides you step by step through the process to finding what really lights you up and how you can turn that into a business or career path so you can stop wasting time and live the successful and fulfilling life you were meant to live."

– Melissa Hovey


“I got so much out of this course!

From the Facebook group, a sense of “being with my tribe”, a wonderful feeling of support and true connection to Wendy’s personal direction and clarity when I was confused about my niche and explained what I am passionate about – but didn’t feel qualified to specialize in. You NAILED how to market my passion in 10 seconds flat. I’ve been super excited about it ever since. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Look forward to working with you more!”

- Marcie Viezzoli


Meet Madeline: From Underpaid, Exhausted Therapist To Multiple Six-Figure, Traveling, Lit UP, SoulFUEL'd Entrepreneur

It all started with SoulFUEL¬ģ Discovery.




One-Time Installment

Normally $2,497
$500 Savings 



3 Monthly 

Includes $500 Savings



6 Monthly 


Includes $500 Savings 


Do-The-Work 100% Money Back Guarantee


Here’s the thing, this is not your average coaching program or course that you can try out and then ask for a refund. This is a transformational experience and we only work with HIGH INTEGRITY women who take total ownership. 

You are saying YES to showing up and doing all the work. You are saying YES to implementing and taking action on the course materials.

I am so confident that you will get results when you take action that I am offering a Do-The-Work 100% Money Back Guarantee.  

What does that mean exactly?¬†If you complete¬†each playbook in full, get your questions answered inside our Private¬†WhatsApp Chat¬†Group¬†and¬†use¬†a hot seat to get direct coaching from me on¬†each¬†monthly live call (you get 3 in total!) and still do not walk away with clarity on your SoulFUEL¬ģ and at least one business idea that¬†aligns brilliantly to who you are,¬†just send an email to: [email protected]¬†within 24 hours of your final call.

My team will do all they can to trouble shoot where we see any problems or challenges we can assist you with and if after that, you are in fact someone who cannot get results from this program, we will reimburse you in FULL!

As a coach, business owner and change-maker, I am as dedicated to my clients success as I am to my own. However, coaching and mentorship is a mutual relationship based on respect, trust and personal responsibility.

The more you put into this, the more you get! I fully believe that anyone can use this process to get clarity and viable ideas for your business ‚Äď whether that‚Äôs a side gig or a full time business, offers, programs and services.

Considering the nature of the program, I want you to make a FIRM decision to take action, implement and commit to it. Because if you won’t, who will?

I sincerely hope this guarantee helps you step in with confidence.


"The investment in this program was very stretchy for me at the time. I was struggling financially and the leap for the investment amount was a hard one to make. Looking back though,¬†5 years later, I have taken many, many other programs to try to get at a level of confidence in myself. The additional money I spent to do exactly the same thing that I got right from the get-go from SoulFUEL Discovery looking back is a little ridiculous. There are a lot of reasons, but I am here to tell you this program is all you will need. This drives you in a way that no other program I've experienced has and after all the many other investments I made, this is the program to take.‚ÄĚ

- Shelli Roberts


"I definitely understand being scared. I was. Money was a bit tight for me when I signed up for SoulFUEL Discovery because I was not working for some time. However, after I signed up I manifested the money in a way that is in total alignment with me!

I was scared to invest but have no fear. Just take a deep breath and drop into your body. If it feels in alignment and you feel a sense of calm, then this is the right decision for you. Don't be too wrapped up about the money because Source/The Universe always seems to step up when we put some skin in the game and show that we're committed and invest. Miraculous things happen when we trust in our choices and follow our intuition.¬†Trust yourself‚ÄĚ

- Tracy Kump



“The best investment you can make is in yourself because the investment you make in you, will never depreciate. 

It will never be taxed. It's an investment in you and your future and knowledge is priceless.¬†Knowing¬†my direction, knowing what I am here to do and having the tools I need as well as the community¬† - all of these things are priceless. Saying it's worth it, is an understatement.‚ÄĚ

- Elyse Kirk

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand you may be worried about the cost. In the past, I made financial commitments like this and was freaked out too and I have to say it's because I've been willing to invest in my growth that I am where I am today.

May I ask…

What is it costing you NOT to do exactly what you are meant to do AND in the way you want to do it?

What would have been possible if you had you given yourself the gift of spiritually aligned, intuitive business coaching last year?

What do you feel it is costing you to live in your current situation? Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and in the end, financially too.

I invite you to consider where you could have been today had you started one year ago and to allow yourself the gift of 'not' having this same regret one year from now.

What could be possible if you were like¬†Susan who got clear through SoulFUEL Discovery, then joined my one-year program, launched her very first online¬†course and made $10,000 cash in ONE day or another client, Laura (also a SoulFUEL Discovery client) who made almost $44,000 her very first year in business then scaled to¬†over $100,000 per year in her business or another client Cameron who scaled from $100,000 to $300,000 in just one year ‚Äď all doing their SoulFUEL'd work.)

I am also including a BONUS Enrollment/Sales Training. This is the process I teach my year long clients to enroll clients into their low and high end programs. Apply this training, enroll just ONE client and you could easily get back your investment in this course (and then some!).  

Let’s make sure THIS year is not another year you
AREN'T making great money doing what you are meant to.

This is an investment in YOU, and your freedom.

You also have two great investment options to choose from including a monthly installment plan depending on what you can do at this time.

AND this is a legitimate tax-deductible business expense for you which essentially means it's discounted ~20-45% right off the top. Please check with your tax accountant about business training, startup and education costs.

Oh and of course, you have the "Do-The-Work 100% Money Back Guarantee". See requirements and details below the FAQ.

You have nothing. to lose, and everything to gain my friend.

Please know first, this is not just another course. It is a transformational experience that I quite honestly have a difficult time explaining fully to those who haven't experienced it yet. It's THAT powerful and...

I get what it is like to feel overcommitted and overwhelmed (that was my past MO). That is also very likely the EXACT reason you need to join us because all that busyness is probably causing you to disconnect from yourself and that is exactly why I created this container so you can slow down, tune IN, remember who YOU are so you can reclaim yourself and all the magic and beauty within you.

Have you heard the phrase, "You need to slow down to speed up"? It really is true.

So much of our activity distracts us from the most important things we need to discover, learn or clarify - the things that actually SAVE us time in the end. 

Also! I designed this experience to fit your busy bee ways.

  • You have the¬†option to go-at-your-own-pace. You will have access to the¬†portal¬†of goodness :)¬†for a full 6 months, to go at your leisure.
  • Lifetime access to all materials, classes and recordings when you download them.
  • All calls are recorded and replays are available within 24-48 business hours to watch at your leisure.
  • We only have ~4¬†total hours of live coaching over¬†3 months. Aren't you worth at least that much my love?

And please know, I've been there! You are not alone. E
veryone who joins, either has a full time job, full time business and/or other big responsibilities. This is THE best time to hire a coach.

I help the entire Discovery class learn how get a LOT more focused on the RIGHT things so time invested has actual payoffs. 

This is where my Franklin Covey Coaching Certification comes in ;).
I know how to be very efficient and productive and pass that on to you!

I can almost guarantee there are things you are using your time for right now that can be let go of to make room for creating what you REALLY want.

And if you invest in the VIP Upgrade,
I will also privately teach you how to¬†channel your energy into what you want to create, for your future and your families future. Now¬†in our current world circumstances, is¬†THE best time to do this. (If you're interesting in SoulFUEL Discovery PRIVATE, email us at: [email protected]¬†for more details.)

You CAN create stability and security in your work/profession/business - the kind that is immune to lockdowns, wars, global events, inflation and economic downturns. The business model I teach does that.

I show you how to prioritize what is most important to you so you shift out of living reactive and never catching your breath into a more ABUNDANT, PROACTIVE way of living and I walk my talk.

I teach you practical steps you can take immediately to empower yourself to make better decisions about your time, schedule and priorities.

I promise, there are better ways to live and BE other than just doing a constant succession of tasks that aren‚Äôt fueling, fulfilling or moving you forward in a more positive direction ‚Äď only to go to sleep and do it all over again.

All of that can change right now.

Something to ask yourself:

How important is this to you?

Is it time to prioritize YOU and your future?

What if you could REALLY do this? 

Will you regret not trying?

This is your one precious life.

If you were to give yourself the gift of this support:

Who could you be?

What could you have?

What could you do?

This¬†CAN happen for YOU ‚Äď even if you don‚Äôt feel talented enough, pretty enough, old enough, young enough, smart enough, ready enough, whatever enough.

Begin anyway Sugar Snap.

All you need to begin is the courage to take one small, first step to get the training, coaching and community you need and over time you WILL grow your confidence about what is possible for you. xoxo

That’s cool. There is NO need or expectation that you do anything with your business let alone within any specific time frame. This course is about helping you get clear and fully aligned to WHAT you are meant to do. Once you know what that is at the end of our time together, you are free to do it, not do it, wait a month, wait 20 years - whatever you choose. You are always at choice.

That’s exactly the reason you want to join us. I specialize in helping women get clear. By the end of this course, you will know your SoulFUEL® and have ideas about how that can be a viable side gig or full time business (when you fully participate and commit to doing the work) or your money back.

Imagine having this settled once and for all.

I get it! I have too. First I‚Äôd like to ask, have you taken¬†a program¬†specifically designed to help you KNOW¬†your purpose, your Calling... your SoulFUEL¬ģ AND¬†then taught you¬†how to create a business concept (high level messaging & positioning) you can run with that actually attracts clients,¬†so you can make money doing it? That‚Äôs what this is and it‚Äôs something I‚Äôve specialized in for over 17 years now.

Also, should you choose the Exclusive VIP Access Upgrade, you will receive Private, Personalized Coaching from me which is almost never offered with experiences like this. That can make a HUGE difference.

And where have you seen a 100% Money Back Guarantee? Hello! :)

When you invest, you have access to the Live Monthly Coaching Calls with Wendy Collier, for 3 months. They are the second Wednesday of every month at 11am Pacific.

We recommend you attend as many live Coaching Calls as you can, to get Live Customized Intuitive Coaching from Wendy and any questions answered as you progress through the SoulFUEL Discovery process BUT you can still make EXCELLENT progress even without attending calls. The pre-recorded trainings and downloads are HIGHLY effective, simple, fun and easy.

All coaching calls are recorded and available for Replay within 24-48 business hours for you to enjoy. You will learn SO much from watching others in the SoulFUEL Discovery Experience. You can also download for Lifetime Access.

“I highly recommend Wendy and her programs including SoulFUEL Discovery because she is honest.

She gives you one-on-one time to get your answers in hot seat calls. She helps you get clear on your purpose and your business and gives you all the steps you need to take to grow your business (from nothing or from wherever you are at).

She knows what it takes to be successful and she will guide you there, it’s up to you to take the steps!

I clarified my niche, got a clear knowing of my purpose and gained confidence.

Her playbooks along with her guidance are thorough and thought provoking - nudging you along to find your inner answers.

She is honest, authentic, and loving in her support. She tells it like it is!‚Ä̬†
-Keli Meagher


Immediate Access To Messaging Bootcamp Training - Master The Essentials Of Effective Messaging That Connects & Compels Your Clients/Customers.

Pre-Recorded Video Training + Step-By-Step Playbook
(Value: $1,500)

Having a hard time confidently articulating what you do? How you say and write about what you do is everything when it comes to moving people from inspired or interested, to actually buying from you. You will learn the essentials of effective, authentic marketing copy, in this high impact training.

You will also learn a LOT from 
Wendy's hot seat coaching and Q&A with clients, to see exactly how you too can apply the principles to your niche.

"You NAILED how to market my passion in 10 seconds flat." - Marcie Viezzoli

Immediate Access To Enrollment/Sales Training - Confidently Enroll Clients/Customers/Team, Without Feeling Remotely Sleazy or Pushy.
(Value: $2,500)

Pre-Recorded Video Training, Q&A Coaching Call With Clients + Step-By-Step Playbook

Enroll just ONE client using the love-based enrollment conversation I teach and this bonus alone could MORE than pay for the entire SoulFUEL Discovery experience. Apply it consistently and there's no counting what your financial return-on-investment could be. 

You will also learn a LOT from Wendy's hot seat coaching and Q&A with clients, to see exactly how you too can apply the principles to your business.


‚ÄúWhen I first spoke with Wendy, I needed clarity in my work. Her program really connected me to my foundation and exposed what I‚Äôm meant for. I also increased my pricing, honed my program, got better at sales calls, and developed my marketing strategy!‚ÄĚ
‚Äď Veronica Kirin

Immediate Access To
"Cash Flow Now" Trainings 
(Value: $1,000)

Immediate access to this step-by-step training that helps you generate cash flow ideas to bring in money now. 

Discover how you can uncover money generating opportunities in front of you right now, that you may be overlooking. 

If you are in need of a cash injection at any time, you'll want to watch these! Come into a live coaching call to get coaching on how to apply these principles to exactly what you are doing.



SoulFUEL¬ģ Discovery Is Right For You If:

  • You¬†want¬†to attract a consistent flow of the right clients, and¬†you'd like your bank account to reflect that.

  • You are feeling out of alignment with your business or line of work.
  • You¬†are unsure what you would do instead of your current¬†job or business niche but you know something needs to change.

  • You aren‚Äôt clear about who your client, customer, audience or industry is or want to pivot into a new area.

  • You want¬†TOTAL clarity about what you‚Äôre meant to do, and what would FIRE YOU UP!

  • You want to create a new online income stream in a service-based business (not product specific only)¬†or want to scale one.

  • You want to know which of your passions or interests are most monetizable. You¬†may have a lot of ideas but don't know which one to run with, or have lost touch with¬†what it is you really want.

  • You aren't willing to settle anymore for work that does NOT¬†light you up and FUEL you every day, giving you the freedom, flexibility and personal expression your heart wants, firing up your passions and FEEDING your soul¬†

    This may mean you are in a job or a business that is feeling misaligned and you are ready for a change.

  • You need coaching from someone¬†who has TONS of online business experience¬†with¬†revenue growth every year and excellent profitability but you aren‚Äôt ready to invest¬†in a longer term¬†program¬†just yet.

  • You are¬†a little scared but ALSO¬†excited. That is the holy grail of signs giving you the green light. That intuitive nudge is telling you this is very likely your next step.

  • You are a woman who takes¬†radical responsibility for herself. You are coachable, have a positive¬†attitude and will¬†contribute in an uplifting way¬†to the community.¬†No Negative Nancys or Debbie Downers please. We have¬†FUN in my communities and create spaces people can't wait to¬†be in!

Here's the thing, you can keep things as they are or take a chance and try something that's been proven to work. 

Learn why my clients in SoulFUEL Discovery¬ģ
have a 100% success rate with what
SoulFUEL Discovery promises.

You may not feel ready and that's okay.
You don't need to feel ready to take that first step.

I believe if you are on this page,
now is your time.

If not, when will be?

And my friend, why not you?

This can happen for YOU as much as it has for all the women on this page (and so many more). 

Meet Anke


I wasn't sure what I wanted.

"I am so grateful to have found Wendy and could not be happier with the progress I have made in just 3 months working with her so far. In that short amount of time, I discovered my SoulFUEL and I'm super excited about it! I clarified my niche/business and ideal clients. I got an idea for a business that I'm excited about and had never even thought of before! I have also gained clarity for a new direction that lights me up!

I didn't realize how I could make a difference using the skills I have in the way Wendy helped me to see. Creating my SoulFUEL Declaration felt amazing and putting it all together really lit me up.

I have grown so much in my self-confidence, I have a clear understanding of what I want to do, how I can make a difference to the world and so-so much more!

In the first 30-minutes I talked to her she made it clear to me that I had accepted a job I did NOT want to do, I had a side-gig that I was not 100% about and that what I really wanted was Freedom and Flexibility.

In the SoulFUEL Discovery Process I got clear on what I DO want, and identified the skills I already have to get me where I want to be. I am so excited to continue my journey and build my business with Wendy in the Client Attraction Academy. It's only been 3 weeks in the academy so far and I've already learned so much!

Thank you Wendy for your genuine love and commitment to helping us to live our best lives!"
- Kiri Honey

When I met Wendy, all I knew was that I desperately wanted to get out of my corporate job. I had no idea what I wanted to do - having my own business would be ideal - but I had no idea what to do, where to start. I was lost, just drowning more and more each day.

SoulFUEL Discovery completed changed that. I received complete clarity through the playbooks and Wendy's coaching; I discovered what my SoulFUEL is, learned my core values and how my existing skills and passions could be turned into a profitable business that also fulfills my SoulFUEL. Life changed.

I clarified my entrepreneurial aspirations for my own business and released the block of figuring out exactly what I wanted;  I have CLARITY."

- Amanda Keene


"When I found Wendy I was looking to decide what to do in the next part of my life. I heard a podcast she did and thought " oh my gosh, she is in my head." When I decided to meet with her I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to come to a decision but I was tired of ideas spinning around in my brain. I am so glad that I took the leap and made the decision to get started.

SoulFUEL Discovery helped me get clarity on what I wanted to do. It provided direction to my business idea and allowed me to step into a new picture of my future. And Wendy helped me to unpack parts of my thinking that had me stuck so I could move forward.

The journey has been empowering and fun. I am beginning something new and exciting with a strong support person in Wendy! Don't we all deserve to have excitement in our careers and bring our shine out!"

– Michelle Hall


“I was trying to decide how to pivot because I knew I needed to make a change. SoulFUEL allowed me to slow down and spend time with my thoughts to really hear the message written on my soul. It also allowed me to understand that I CAN do more than my limited thinking would have me believe.

SoulFUEL Discovery helped me realize the subtle nudge I had felt concerning growing my company needed the nurturing and fertilizing that Wendy's programs offer. It helped me release mental and spiritual blocks that resulted in me signing up for Client Attraction Academy where I am finding the support and guidance I have been seeking for the past three years.

I am excited to move through this next phase of my life journey, finally feeling like I am not alone in struggling, and trying to figure out how things work.

I feel safe. Like digging treasures out of the sand, Wendy has helped me uncover and clearly name what I have been trying to communicate for years. Wendy shows you how to seek and find instead of giving you the answers, so now you own the tools to uncover your success once you have learned how.

In the calls with Wendy, I feel a genuine feeling of caring, encouragement, and love. Real heart. I never feel like Wendy is trying to pitch a sale. Wendy always feels like her soul is trying to teach you that you can become an even greater version of yourself than you think possible.

I have participated in SoulFUEL Discovery multiple times because it was fun and rewarding. The insight I gained and continue to gain reviewing the wonderful playbooks helps me to realize and clarify how I want to be in the world and the steps I can take to make my dream a reality.”
- Lisa Richardson

Meet Frances

“When I met Wendy, I was confused and needed clarity on how to further grow my existing business. At the same time, I was totally confused why I felt unfulfilled in it and needed to find someone who I could align with.

I finally admitted that I needed someone else to guide me.

Wendy provided me with tools using SoulFuel Discovery and was able to also give me accountability and direction through an Intensive Private Custom Coaching with her. What I thought I wanted was definitely far from what I actually needed.

SoulFuel Discovery has been a great tool for me to go deeper in what I really wanted to do or follow through in life and into my business. It is super easy to follow through, a well thought out program that I was able to go through even during the busy Christmas season.

SoulFUEL Discovery not only helped me realize and break down all the things that mattered to me and my passions, but it also allowed me to see the potential and bigger possibilities and do what is exciting to me, my SoulFUEL. It helped me uncover that I can make a difference to more people using the gifts and skills I already have.

So I went from trying to break down what I needed in my existing business where I felt unfulfilled, and instead to build a new one with the same skills, but with better tools and more excitement and fuel for my soul!

And with Wendy's experience, knowledge and coaching, and heart centered approach, you truly can't help but feel supported and guided through the experience.

If you thought of investing back in to your business, consider investing back into yourself. After all, we are the main driving force in our businesses. It's only best that we invest back into ourselves and get ready to receive good things.

- Frances Meyer

Meet Megan

"SoulFUEL® Discovery is so helpful to entrepreneurs trying to figure out how they can build a business that they WANT to show up for and is a good refresher for anyone who has been in business but looking to pivot their offerings. This program goes deep where a lot of people tend to skip over when starting a business. It is a great balance of discovery and action.

Wendy is such an amazing listener and provides feedback in a way that makes you feel more empowered and energized. She brings an objective voice to the process and isn't afraid to ask you the hard questions because she knows that it will move you forward.

SoulFUEL helped me dig deep into what I truly wanted and how to best serve my clients. The program helped me also get really clear on how to articulate my work, who it is I am helping and exactly what I provide my clients. I also learned how to align my work to what I want to do.

I got really clear on how I want to work with people, not because I can, but because it lights me up and am excited to launch my new program! I would absolutely recommend SoulFUEL Discovery to a friend!"
- Megan Naasz

“Before I took SoulFUEL Discovery, I followed many women who were doing the work they love, being in service to help others and supporting their financial needs.

I never thought I had a “breakthrough event” or any type of synchronistic skills to offer others. The immense detail of the SoulFuel Discovery course was wonderful and helped me to connect with my life story and my SoulFUEL! I am excited about the possibility to create a business doing the work I love and being in service to others. Wendy Collier has done a superb job of guiding us through the process and she is completely engaged with us, encouraging us to shine our light brightly!”

– Laurel Valli


"Wendy is a powerful and inspiring force for SoulFUEL success, practical positivity and fierce femininity.

She is able to quickly transform confusion into clarity with lazer-sharp skills that she has tailored for use in a soul-fueled business, but that go much further and deeper. She helped me hone in on what is most important to me in life, work, relationships and more – so that I can use my findings as I journey through the possibilities that arise for me and also in focusing my creativity in a way that will help me stay aligned and feel fulfilled.

I am only scratching the surface of the benefit that came from my working with Wendy. At a time when my life was transforming faster than I could always keep up with – she helped me stay anchored to my higher truth and introduced me to people and philosophies that continue to support me now. I look forward to utilizing my findings further. SoulFUEL Discovery has given me a deeper level of confidence in my decision-making – very grateful! Thank you Wendy!”

– Katie Fabel



“Very grateful for this journey! For many years I have carried the question ‘why am I here, how can I make a difference?’ My goal for this course was to find my SoulFUEL and it happened, beyond thankful for Wendy and her SoulFUEL. I am so thankful you come from a space of love and that you encourage us to do the same (awesomeness!) – serving and loving others in and through our business as our ultimate goal feels so much better.

I have tried many different approaches and trainings and now I realize that my soul has been speaking to me all these years and my purpose is MUCH clearer. I have learned to listen to my soul, it carries much wisdom and it comes from a space of love. Thank You Wendy! Much love and respect!”

- Michelle Hill

Please, don’t live another day in a life that isn't
everything you want it to be.

This is a big step you can take in the right direction.

... And remember, if you here on this page, you are most likely a healer, light leader, mentor, guide, teacher or conscious leader of some kind. I believe you have been prepared to step up right now, to help shift our world into a new era.

To know your Calling (SoulFUEL) is extraordinary. 
To learn how to monetize it, is LIFE CHANGING.
That's what we do here.

"Wendy’s process helped me to uncover my WHAT, that what that truly lights me up, makes me come alive at my fullest potential to be able to serve my people at my highest vibration."

“I was circling and circling around until I went through Wendy’s SoulFUEL process. She helped me get clear on my WHY which motivates me and pushes forward in joyful effort. I created a heart-centered business touching the lives of amazing individuals and vice versa. Every client session makes my heart expand and I come alive that much more. Having clarity alone moved me forward tenfold! Put on top of that Wendy’s programmatic approach (so necessary for me) and her loving but firm guidance got me to launch my business!”

- Genna Mori


“I have felt driven and motivated throughout my life, but it wasn't until I discovered and put into words my SoulFUEL that I found the thing that would unceasingly source me, unceasingly motivate me, so that I could share with the world what I came here to share. My SoulFUEL declaration is the armature I'm using to build my entrepreneurial business. Thank you, Wendy."
- Cammy Williams



“This program has been life changing in the best possible ways.

The tools provided by Wendy enable us to create the lives we desire. With the unwavering support of Wendy and the other fantastic women, anything is possible.”

- Lisa Mead Horninger

“I now have a focused desire to connect with who I am and where I am going. I am jazzed about the future instead of wallowing in confusion. I feel deeply supported by Wendy. Her insight and ability to super-charge and inspire her followers is remarkable.

It is hard to put into words but SoulFUEL is profound on so many levels. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us, truly a gift! I am really fired up. I feel freer because I have focus.

It is such a relief to finally use my life experience to Fuel something positive. I knew in my heart I needed to do something but spun around in circles for years trying to figure it out on my own. Thank you Wendy for making it happen!”

– Sue Parker

“When I first came to Wendy, I was confused about what I wanted and needed next as far as guidance and support in creating my business. I felt very stuck in what I was doing, with no real passion for it and I didn’t want to blindly jump into another program with a coach whose program wasn’t feeling like a good fit for me.

Wendy helped me identify the foundational piece I had been missingthe vital, core passion that must support the strategy and actions needed to create and run a successful business. I started my first business because it seemed like that’s what I should do.

Wendy was integral in helping me identify the deep, soul-level purpose that drives my passion to support moms and children. She walked me through her process of uncovering that SoulFUEL, that deep, intangible source from which I can forever draw to build the business and life I can and will have.

I experienced HUGE internal transformations from my time with Wendy. I uncovered fears that had been stopping me from making myself visible in the online space. I learned to steer any unsupportive thoughts and emotions instead of allowing them to drive me into procrastination and perfectionism.

Wendy met me exactly where I was with each and every call. She supported ALL parts of me, not just the business mindset/strategy piece. She nurtures the WHOLE person and that’s what supports us in becoming successful in life and business – to nourish, nurture and heal all the aspects of who we are.

My biggest fear was being seen online. Putting my face out there for all the world to see and potentially criticize. Wendy helped keep me focused on all the moms I would help by sharing my gifts with them. Wendy has such a gift of helping women draw out their gifts and shine.”

– Sabrina Marasovich




Having been aware of this nagging little voice inside of me for a long time, saying that I must have something more to offer, but not knowing exactly how to deal with this or to find the correct door to open, I was so glad to find Wendy and her program.

SoulFUEL Discovery helped me to finally find my SoulFUEL and now I have a clearer path to follow. Wendy’s approach felt really genuine to me. I highly recommend her SoulFUEL Discovery program for those trying to find their purpose.

I am so happy I have given myself permission to work even more with Wendy and I am beyond excited for the year ahead!”

– Joyce Van Der Lely

Meet Your Coach, Wendy Collier. 

Wendy Collier coaches ambitious, purpose-driven women, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, teachers, healers, light workers and conscious leaders of¬†all¬†kinds, to live free from the inside out, through plugging into their SoulFUEL¬ģ and learning the skills required to be a wild success at growing their business.
Wendy is the Founder and Creator of SoulFUEL¬ģ. She is known for helping women identify their unique skills and purpose while teaching them exactly how to thrive financially, through what they are meant to do.

She shows women how to get clear and confident so they can profit from their passion and make a difference.

Wendy is committed to equipping women to make money online by teaching effective marketing, messaging and mindset strategies so they can take a quantum leap in their business and attract a steady flow of clients without ever, compromising who they are.

She applies her Psychology & Communications Degree, Franklin Covey Leadership Coaching Certification, Advanced ICF Coaching Training at CoachVille, and 21 years of award-winning marketing experience at Fortune 500 and Forbes Top 100 companies to help women create limitless options for themselves.

Wendy is running a thriving coaching business that supports and educates women to make money doing what they love while transforming their lives, and the world around them.

She is the host of the 5-Star¬†SoulFUEL¬ģ Podcast and¬†leads private and group¬†experiences including¬†The¬†One-Year SoulFUEL¬ģ Experience which gives her clients full access to¬†The Client Attraction Vault¬†which is known to create such success, her most determined clients never need to go back to a job ever again and create 5, 6 and multiple-6 figure businesses fully living their SoulFUEL¬ģ.

On a personal note, Wendy is an avid traveler, devoted Aunt to three nieces and two nephews, dedicated friend and family member, outdoor enthusiast, nature lover, passionate about health, fitness and medical freedom, in love with her hunky man, and has been a long-time volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (C.A.S.A.) for abused children amongst many other volunteer positions working with children and teens in the foster care system.

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