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What is a 1x1 In-Person VIP Retreat?
This is a 1-Day, 2-Night Transformational
Private Business Retreat, just for you -
at a luxurious hotel.
(Psst, this also includes a delicious lunch and decadent Celebration Dinner!) 


Coming to this gorgeous location in California, you are allowing the space and time for you to take a step back, discover (or re-discover) your SoulFUEL® and take YOU and your life, to the next level so you can create more money and more impact in your business, without wasting any more time doing things that aren't working for you.

You will learn how to be a truly unstoppable SoulFUEL’d® Woman who moves through the world with grace, confidence and a deep sense of her own worthiness, creating freedom for herself and those around her.

When you show up and play ALL out, 
you will:

 ✓  Get crystal clear on your vision and client attraction strategies for the next 12 months+.

✓  Learn how to create stability and security in your business, no matter what stage of business you are in. 

✓ Learn how to position yourself to be an authority in your field
even if you don't see yourself that way.

✓  Walk away with a 6-Month+ Personalized Marketing Plan with specific steps to implement when you get home and get TWO WEEKS of Private Voxer Coaching Support, as you roll it out so you can get all your questions answered along the way. 

✓  Receive guided reflection time
 on where you are today and what that means for your business in terms of a shift,
uplevel or pivot and design something that fires you up and provides the ability for you to make money for years to come.

✓  Break through confusion and see a clear path
you feel GREAT about.

✓  Have c
lear, actionable steps that will help you move forward and stay focused on the most important things you need to do to take your business to the next level in 2022 and uncover the time-wasters that aren't likely to get you
where you want to go.


  Experience spiritual, emotional and mindset breakthroughs: Develop greater emotional mastery to equip you to navigate your fears, doubts and overwhelm.

✓  Enjoy highly personalized intuitive coaching that addresses the areas you are feeling
the most uneasy about.


✓  Grow your confidence about where to go next in your business to fully unleash your SoulFUEL® and make the difference you are here to make.


✓  Gain clarity on your SoulFUEL, niche, specialty, ideal client, offers, services - a refresh, update or pivot to work you are already doing or a brand-new start.

✓  Develop a higher set point for your money standards (cultivating a new relationship with money).

✓ Learn powerful, evidence-based manifestation principles and practices you can begin using right away.

✓  Create an exit strategy from a draining job or a draining business - one that skillfully creates a bridge
to your True Calling. (If applicable)


✓  Walk away refreshed, revitalized and excited to hit the ground running when you get home!

I will also share all the details about the exact strategies I (and my clients) have used to quit draining jobs and thrive in 5-figure, 6-figure and multiple 6-figure Soul-FUEL'd businesses as coaches, consultants, healers, guides, mentors, teachers and trainers.

* None of this is a guarantee of income, simply what is possible and has worked (and IS working) for many clients.

Don’t just take my word for it though.
Hear what past
Private VIP Day clients have said:

"Wendy helped me identify my target market and niche and what products/services I could monetize based on my passions to serve my customers. Finally, she led me to develop a 90 day plan
that was a huge benefit. 
I left my VIP day knowing exactly what I needed to do and where I needed to focus.

When I first reached out to Wendy I was deciding exactly what products/services
I would sell to serve my customers based on my SoulFUEL, and knowing what activities did, or even more importantly, did not, need my focus.

Wendy first helped me narrow down, and align, my skills with my passions, to understand my SoulFUEL. I then articulated the is with SoulFUEL declaration, which was AMAZING! Creating that was most delightful! I’m so thankful to have that declaration to read daily and remind me what fuels me and where I should keep my focus.

Then Wendy helped me identify my target market and niche and what products/services I could monetize based on my passions to serve my customers.  Best of all, since I have shiny object syndrome,
I knew what DID NOT need my focus.

If I had not invested in the VIP day, I would still be floundering and unfocused. I also know my follow up coaching will help keep me focused and accountable to keep pushing. I have no doubt I will realize my ROI on my VIP day much sooner due to spending the day getting on track with a specific plan.

I also learned that the occasional doubt and fluctuations in my feelings toward my business are normal and are just my brain trying to keep me safe. I must shift my thinking at those times and push forward. I also realized I need to base my business only on the things I have a deep passion toward.

My biggest fear was changing my focus from a successful corporate job to a business and not knowing how long it will take me to get to my desired income. Wendy helped me realize my business will feed my soul and also my potential income is much greater with my business, than my corporate job.

My VIP day with Wendy was amazing. You should definitely do this if you are undecided on what your SoulFUEL is or what you should focus on to build/grow your business. The investment is worth it!”

– Susan McDaniel

"Wendy’s process helped me to uncover my WHAT, the what that truly lights me up, makes me come alive at my fullest potential to be able to serve my people at my highest vibration.

AH-MAZ-ING!!!!! Was so fabulous to be in person with Wendy. You are a rockstar at what you do. I can’t believe ALL we accomplished. I am so energized and excited. In so much love and gratitude to you fabulous business coach and inspirational beautiful soul!!! Love you unicorn coach! It is crazy what I am continuing to download after our VIP day Wendy.
You. Are. Brilliant! ON FIRE.”

– Genna Mori

“I was struggling with lack of clarity and direction for where to go next in my business. It felt like I was on autopilot and unsure of where to focus, to scale and take my business to the next level while honoring my needs and values.


My biggest fears about doing a VIP Day were what to focus on. I didn't have a clear plan because I felt stuck, but part of Wendy's genius is helping you get clear and create action steps from there.


Wendy helped me by identifying a big underlying emotional/energetic block that had me feeling stuck. Once we worked through that, we mapped out my the next 15 months of offerings as well as organizational chart to have a clear path forward to scale my business and double my revenue from this year.

Whether it was an inner or outer game focus, the support felt amazing. I felt heard, understood, and like someone a few steps ahead of me could help me see the things I didn't know were my next step.


I walked away with my 15 month business plan - including mapping out launches and hiring team to support me in scaling and doubling my revenue next year.


I had several big breakthrough moments! The first was a hidden emotional block that had been causing me to feel unclear and stuck in my business without me knowing why. I also expanded my perception of being a CEO and leader on a larger scale, feeling safe increasing my visibility through marketing and speaking engagements, and more fully owned my core values so that my business can align with them.


It was wonderful having a full day to dig into my current business model, what wasn't working, and recreate it so that I can scale in a way that feels aligned, was priceless. We used up every minute of our VIP Day digging into big things that couldn't possibly be resolved in a shorter session. The sheer amount of time and undivided attention was the biggest takeaway. Without that, none of the other magic would have transpired!


I felt like I was on autopilot and going through the motions of my business prior to the VIP Day. I felt uninspired and unsure of what to do, to take my business to the next level.


Since my VIP Day, I've executed on a launch Wendy supported me with, and have brought in 20k cash in one week. The way I've launched and what I have planned ahead, align with my values and feels really good. I know I'm on the right track, finally!


It was a really special day! I appreciated the crystals, cards, etc that supported our work. I'd absolutely recommend a VIP Day with Wendy. It's the ultimate gift of self-love. You'll get done in one day what months or an entire year would take you to figure out. I feel like I quantum leaped and can't wait to roll out my business plan that inspires me, expands me, and aligns with my values.”

– Madeline Charles

"She is the most beautiful and intelligent shiny human, both inside and out, and truly leads with her heart. Authentic and with integrity!
We have such an amazing leader helping guide us.

Thank you Wendy for such an energizing and fun day filled with thought provoking discussion, tons of laughs, and thrilled to have gotten some epic shizzle done!

I LOVED my VIP day! I am so inspired, excited, rejuvenated, and
focus restored to share my gifts to my clients/tribe!"

– Becky Bacon 

"Wendy helped with taking crucial initial steps towards starting my own business. Because of her support I was able to move past epic levels of fear and improve my inner game.

Simultaneously, at our VIP day she helped me find clarity around the proper actions steps I needed to take in order to make my business dream a reality, thus improving my outer game. With her help we created an initial 90 day plan that really works for me and my business. Without Wendy’s help, I may have still been in law school instead of running a business that fuels my heart + mind.”

– Alba Creales

"My VIP day with Wendy Collier was nothing short of A-MAZ-ING!"

“I started the day with a desire to begin building my own dream,
along with a lot of confusion, fear and self-doubt.

We ended the day over a delicious dinner, toasting to an exciting vision and transition plan into a life that makes my whole body tingle!

As soon as Wendy walked into the room, I knew I had made the right decision. Her warm, calming, and intuitive energy, along with her laser-focus on ME, my dreams, and my intentions, resulted in an alchemical day that turned fear and self-doubt into opportunity, and my vague dreams into a clear roadmap.

A month later, I have achieved every 30-day goal I set, and when fear starts bubbling up in my body, I tune into my affirmations that were grounded deeply into my being that day with Wendy’s support.

For anyone wanting to turbocharge your business, your dreams, your life, I highly recommend saying YES to a VIP day with Wendy. Thank you,
Wendy Collier, from the bottom of my heart!”

– Brenda Jensen

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With time-tested, proven exercises that catapult your progress,
clarity and confidence.

Spiritual-Intuitive-Led Coaching - Wendy helps you hone in on exactly what is holding you back from your next level. The results often allow you to catapult yourself over the hurdles and unknowns so you can bring in more clients and more money to create an even greater impact
through your business.


If you’ve been searching like a crazy person for the type of experience that harmonizes the inner game of business (next level personal growth baby!), spirituality, Law Of Attraction and business building tools, this is it!

If you are ready to leave the old stories and past “mistakes” behind, and embrace a relentlessly positive mindset,
I've got you!


If you are thirsty for 1x1 personal attention, you are
sooooo in the right place.


If you need clarity on where to go next in your business, you will experience intuitive and exploratory exercises that will help you define exactly where you need to go next to unleash your SoulFUEL® AND even understand exactly what THAT is 
(often it is NOT what you think).


If you need the space and time to take a step back to reset, plan and create an exciting vision for your business or transition plan out of a job, don't miss out on this rare opportunity my friend.

Get ready to IMMERSE yourself in one of the most beautiful places in the world – California
(San Francisco Bay Area).

This is the perfect environment to
nourish your heart and soul and bring
your deepest desires to life.

More from past
Retreat clients:

“Wendy’s events provide the perfect balance of tangible business building tools with the necessary inner work to make sure your business dreams come true when you return home. She sprinkles in Law Of Attraction, spiritual and energetic perspectives to provide upgrades to your mindset and overall way of being. I left the event feeling refreshed, focused, and more committed to my work than ever. Wendy cultivates a safe, nurturing environment so that you can truly breakthrough to your next level."
– Madeline Charles


“Wendy is an amazing guide to the inner and outer game and had the perfect balance of both. She reads what you need most and deals with that first, stretching your comfort zone but not terrifying you - lol. This was such an amazing experience. She goes all out for each and every one of her clients!”

– Katrina Mallon

“Awesome experience! The value Wendy delivered exceeded my expectations.”

– Brenda Phenicie Kwaske

Here's how you make sure this VIP Retreat benefits you and your business,
for the long term:

Two Weeks of Private Coaching on the free Voxer app.
Rather than giving you an overwhelming amount of information on business and sending you on your way to figure it all out on your own, you'll learn only what you must have in place to make it today in an online business, whether you are just starting out, pivoting your biz or scaling to the big time ;) AND you get private coaching support on Voxer to share ideas and questions with Wendy for two weeks immediately following your VIP Day.

This gives you the accountability that makes it far less likely your daily distractions will get in your way when you get home.

The option to continue on long-term. If you find you want support beyond the two weeks of Voxer, there are a few great options Wendy can share with you.


This all happens in a warm, casual, comfortable, private setting, so don't stress about having to be perfect and “trying to make a good impression”. This is a safe space for serious growth and serious fun while we’re at it. 


You'll REIGNITE your inspiration, vision and desires and throw some serious SoulFUEL® onto the fire. There's something magical about being in person (and by the nourishing mountains and ocean). You'll leave energized and determined to DO. THIS.
so you are UNSTOPPABLE as you complete the year and
get ready for a new one. 


If this sounds like the cats meow,
make sure to apply right now.  

I invite you to seize this moment, trust yourself, and
apply to learn more.

Are you ready to
fulfill your true destiny?!

“Wendy’s events are always an incredible experience. It is hard to put it into words! Wendy’s coaching brings the perfect blend of spirituality and inner work with the outer work - marketing and business strategies etc. I absolutely love the support and connection that I feel from her, and I always leave feeling incredibly tuned in and connected with my SoulFUEL, which I know is KEY to continuing on this path and allowing me to make the difference I’m here to make for my soulmate clients.” - Laura Kennedy

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